Apricot Almond Milk

This Almond Milk is so smooth and creamy with just the right amount of sweetness!
It’s really easy to make! and will last in the fridge for about 5 days.
Use organic, fair-trade/local ingredients where possible!

28 Apricot Almond Milk

Soak 1 cup of raw almonds in water over night, drain and rinse well, put the almonds into a high-speed blender or food processor with:
6 sulphur-free dried apricots that have been soaked overnight in about 1 cup of water (add the water to the blender)
Add 1 medjool date (add more if you would like a sweeter milk)
3 cups of chilled water (room temperature is fine if you don’t want to drink it straight away like I do)

Blend well, once everything is combined use a nut milk bag, muslin cloth or a clean tea towel to drain the liquid from the almond pulp, save the almond pulp to use as something to make bliss balls with, or a cake base with, I like to use the almond pulp in my banana bread =)

This milk is so refreshing to drink as it is, or you can pour it on your cereal if that is what you eat for breakfast, plus its great to use in smoothies =)
❤ Enjoy, and if you make any of my recipes and share a photo on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr etc, please #magicmilkbarrecipe so I can see them! Thank you =)


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